A fiction about Garden interest.

A fiction about Garden interest

There was a town called Eden and everything was in this place called Eden, the place was so beautiful that things were just nice and attractive. Within this Eden was garden, the garden was fenced with a copper wire to prevent animals and other destroying organisms to attack the farm.

In the garden there were varieties

In the garden there were varieties of trees and different plantations, including crops and vegetations in the garden. Beautiful flowers such as roses were also present in the Eden garden, ornamental plants were also plants planted in those plants grown and cultivated. In the garden too they were many species of animals in it, among them are goats, sheep, cattle, tiger, donkey, giraffe, horses, and so on.

A fiction about Garden interest

The grasses were graze by the non-humans in the garden but some were prohibited for them to chop by the owner of the farm because there poisonous to the animals. These animals wrote a letter to the owner asking him why there told not to chop some grass. So, the owner spoke to them that their boss had instructed them not to do that.

Even the owner of the Garden was allowed to all the plants and crops in the Garden, including the present animals. However, he was prevented from eating one particular tree in the Garden since he was told by the enemy that, his eyes will open and will see like the one who oversees him in his location. But it took time before they could appreciate what the overseer was saying.