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Seasonal Pinecones

With this dry windy weather almost upon us now is a great time to gather up all the different varieties of Pine Cones we are blessed with in the pacific Northwest forest. The basic structure of all Pine cones is the same.The different shapes and sizes help identify the tree they came from. Most are a familiar shade of brown while others from the Balsam fir and Fraser fir may be a purple hue. Gathering them up now ensures they are dry and can be used in a multitude of floral designs.You can wire them up for future use. Harvesting...

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Autumn Bouquets from the Garden

As we are growing alot of our plant material at Mary Clark Flowers  right here in the beautiful Frase Valley here is an example of the bouquets that can be created with plant materials you may have close at hand.   In this bouquet we have such beautiful tones of purples,magenta and yellow. The "Sedum" produces big round blooms. You can grow it in your own garden as it is a perennial that works well as a border. The " Dahlias" produce a multitude of colours and shapes of blooms in summer and early autumn and are a wonderful addition to...

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Preserving Fall Leaves

I am reminded one Thanksgiving when my children went on a treasure hunt into the forest preserving fall   colored leaves.The process is  like this : sandwich them between sheets of wax paper with a thin rag on top (to keep your iron clean) iron on medium heat (no steam) allowing the wax on the paper to transfer to each leaf. Allow leaves to cool , then peel away paper to preserve their beautiful color. My children then went a step farther and then decoupaged them onto some brown paper which became our Thanksgiving table cloth. These leaves could also be...

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Spirit of Fall Harvest

The chill in the air and the misty mornings remind us that fall is upon us. As the cool weather arrives, gourd, squash, corn and small pumpkins can fill planters that once over flowed with flowering annuals. Tuck some colorful leaves into any gaps. They are all benefits of hard labor of spring and summer being reaped in fall harvest season! Take advantage of the beautiful sunflowers that abound right now before the autumn rainy season takes it's toll.  Accent your vased  bouquet with clusters of wheat and tied with natural raffia  as a sure way to  capture the spirit...

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Introducing Wendy

Flowers have given me so much; employment, the opportunity to be a business owner, instructor and traveler. Now, I will be sharing my experiences and expertise with the readers interested in learning more about the art, craft and industry of floral design.  This amazing industry and my training at UFV in floral design has facilitated not only an expression of my artistic flare, it has given me the opportunity for travel to such places as a FTD Convention in Orlando, Florida, a trip to the Chelsea garden show in England, a trip to Floriad in Holland (only held once every...

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