Definition of A Flower and Its Types

Definition of A Flower and Its Types

Flowers are more complicated than what we see on the outside. To us, they serve other purposes like decorating our homes or gardens. It is responsible for reproduction in almost all plants. They provide a mechanism for the fusion of pollen grains to the ovaries in the ovary. Each part of a flower serves its unique purpose to ensure reproduction happens.

This part of a plant is more designed to serve their biological purpose rather than please the human eyes. They ensure the survival of their species just like any other living thing. Some flowers rely on other creatures for pollination while others rely on the wind. They both serve the same purpose but have different structures and designs. Flowers that rely on other creatures for pollination are brightly colored to attract them. Wind pollinated flowers are dull-colored but have a different structure to facilitate their mode of pollination.

There are numerous types each existing

On a flower, there are different parts all serving specific purposes. Sepals which are the exterior part protect the interior part during budding. Petals are brightly colored sections of a flower with interesting designs and patterns to attract pollinators. Then there is a stamen that acts as a male reproductive part. The pistil is a flower’s female reproductive part and these are the four main parts of a flower. Other parts include the anthers, filament, ovary, and ovules that have their special functions in a flower. Not all flowers have the same design or come from the same plant.

There are numerous types each existing in different parts of the world. Roses are types of flowers that are most romantic or amorous worldwide. They exist in more than 100 varieties and come in different colors. Roses have 5 petals and the steam is protected by thorns. These thorns, however, don’t disrupt their romantic atmosphere despite being sharp. Thorns are just a defensive mechanism that often fails to keep people of a rose flower’s beauty.

Definition of A Flower and Its Types

Roses Grow on pots or open gardens where there is plenty of sunshine. These flowers don’t flourish in dark places as sunshine is required. Another type of flower is Carnations which are the oldest cultivated flowers worldwide. Carnations originated from the Mediterranean region and belong to a family called the Caryophyllales family. These flowers are seasonal and dwell during early spring or late summer.

Tulips are another type of flower that acts as a national symbol or Holland. The country is also the leading producer of Tulips as a local and export product. There are some regions which have a special festival for these flowers. Countries like North America carry out Tulip festivals to share the floral treat of such beautiful flowers. Tulips don’t flourish in hot climates, so the flowers are rare in tropical climates.

Lotus is another type of flower that acts as a national symbol of India and a religious symbol among the Hindus. It is an aquatic plant that dwells in watery places like rivers or ponds. They are native to the southeastern part of Asia an Australian region.