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Our Commitment

We are committed to working towards responsible floristry. This means that we are consciously trying making positive choices about the impact our business has on our environment, community and local economy. Here are a few ways we are working towards our goals:

Buying Locally
Rosedale and the Fraser Valley is a hub for world-class flower growers. We choose to support local farmers and minimize our footprint by purchasing and using locally grown flowers and products.

We grow some of the flowers, fillers, and greens on our farm in Rosedale, BC. We avoid the use of pesticides and use responsible growing practices.

We forage for sustainable floral items in nature, on roadsides and in your yard...just kidding about your yard! We use responsible gathering protocols and never use rare or endangered species.

Recycling and Composting
We compost all of our green waste and use proper recycling practices for plastics and cardboard.

Vase and Container Exchange
You can bring us a vase or container and we fill it or exchange it for one of similar value. This way you can purchase fresh flowers regularly without becoming overrun with vases!