The Benefits of Marigold Flowers

The Benefits of Marigold Flowers

Marigolds are ancient herbs that have been used for medicinal purposes since they were first discovered in Egypt. This plant, otherwise known as calendula, not only carries properties that boost a person’s health in numerous ways, but it is also beautiful. Saying marigolds are useful will be an understatement because these flowers are lifesaving in the following ways.

While growing, marigold flowers have benefits in the garden they grow in by acting as attracting pollinators such as honey bees. Their conspicuous golden color makes them stand out among other crops, therefore when you plant a marigold with other crops, they help bring insect pollinators to help with pollination of other crops to increase food produce. This plant protects planted crops by repelling many insects, especially harmful worms, or termites that may feed on good crops. Further, they filter contaminated soil by interacting with fungi that aid in clearing toxins such as cadmium from soil.

Calendula tea made from marigold petals

Known for their medicinal value, they are used for topical applications to treat skin conditions or can be used to prepare a drink that treats diseases. Marigold petals are usually dried and crushed, which is sometimes mixed with other oils to treat varying skin conditions like itchiness, rashes, acne, burns, or fungal infections. Calendula has properties such as glycoproteins, nucleoproteins, calendic acid and calendulin that help direct blood flow containing antibodies to the local area affected. For damaged skin, these properties trigger the growth of new tissues to repair those that are damaged while preventing re-infection, making a wound heal quicker.

Calendula tea made from marigold petals is famous for its health benefits in some parts of the world such as India. Marigold extracts are active antioxidants that eliminate free radicals that are often linked with aging and damage to cells. Degrading cells are bound to cause tissue damage to certain organs, like the eye, causing blindness. Its anti-inflammatory element helps to get rid of bacteria causing acne, tonsillitis, the eye, and ear infections. Drinking tea can help ease fungal infections in the digestive tract, or vaginal thrush, while alleviating itchiness and burning sensation with pain altogether. In general, Marigold tea is a good body detoxifying agent that ensures your body gets rid of all health risks by promoting good health.

The Benefits of Marigold Flowers

The golden flower of the marigold plant has other uses like decoration, or as an ingredient to prepare some drinks, and food. In some Indian festivities, mainly at weddings, you are likely to find calendula flowers as part of the decoration. These flowers help bring a vibrant, sunny plus a happy feel to elevate the mood of such an event. There are cases where a yellow pigment is extracted from marigold flowers to make enhance color in soups, drinks, or certain foods.

This plant is such a wonder given how much they have to offer the environment including mankind. These flowers serve a huge purpose by being one of the main ingredients used in the making of some products in the medicine and beauty industries. Precisely, marigold flowers can be eaten, used to adorn events, or produce curative treatment.