Why Are Flowers Expensive

Why Are Flowers Expensive

Flowers can be used to serve a variety of purposes especially for those who used them to decorate. Some can be costly because of their quality and durability which makes them stand out from others. Flowers can change the look of your occasion, that’s why they are used in many ceremonies to make the environment look attractive. In most cases, flowers are used to beautify the environment. Some are specialized in designing flowers that can be used for different programs. Flowers have two main types, there are natural and artificial flowers. Usually, natural flowers may not be durable unless they are planted in natural soil.

But, artificial flowers, can last for years without ever losing their quality

Gloriosa flower which is known as

and color. Purchase artificial flowers can be somewhat expensive since they are made from expensive materials. These types of flowers can last a lifetime because of the quality of the material they are made of. Certain qualities make flowers to be expensive, aside from having a beautiful look, flowers can be used for both external and internal décor. The price may depend on a series of factors which are explained below.

Gloriosa flower which is known as flame lilies, fire lilies, and glory lilies is a beautiful flower that has many colors attached to it. It is called fire lilies because of the fire-like color on its leaves. Though beautiful, the flower is poisonous, gloriosa is a showy and dedicated flower used mainly for outdoor decoration. The flower can give your office a good look making the environment attractive, the price for this flower ranges between $6 to $7 per stem. The Saffron Crocus is another beautiful flower that is sold for about $120, it is widely known as the most expensive flower spice by weight. This pretty purple-like flower plays home to a deep golden orange stamen which is hand-picked, when dried it can be sold as saffron, to get 500 grams of saffron takes about 80000 flowers, which explains the huge cost that comes with it.

Some flowers are not only attractive,

Another expensive flower is the Rotchschild’s Orchid which is sold for about $5000 per plant. The orchid is commonly known as the gold of Kinabalu, it was discovered around 1987, the flower has a notable horizontal petal which makes it unique, the flower is somewhat scarce to see but, it can only be found at the Kinabalu national park in Malaysia. Like most flowers of its type, it takes years to see a single bloom appear. The Schenzhen Nongke orchid is among the most expensive flowers that can only be afforded by the wealthy. The flower is unique in that it was developed in the lab by a team of researchers, after it was designed and nurtured, it took about 8-years for it to develop. The flower was sold in 2005 for over $202000 which made it the most expensive flower to be been sold.

Some flowers are not only attractive, but they are also medicinal, keeping them at home can help to purify the air and therefore making your environment healthy. Juliet Rose is sold for over $5 milliion, the Juliet Rose has different attractive colors that can give your home, office, or occasion a good blend. It has white mixed with a brownish color. In 2006, the Juliet Rose was debuted at the Chelsea Flower show, this occasion shook the floral world, not just for the blushing beauty, the Rose Juliet was the most expensive ever developed.

Why Are Flowers Expensive

The Kadupul flower is more like a priceless type that has stunned the world. A fleeting beauty coming from Sri Lanka with an extraordinary glamour. The floor shines more in the dark than during the day, you could see it at night blooming with a radiant color that could be seen from a distance. Flowers are good for children, it makes them happy, others will rather prefer an expensive flower for a birthday gift that a car or a toy. Some flowers are less expensive, these are natural ones that have not improved upon.

Most natural flowers can be purchase even for less than $50, for those who want durable and attractive flowers, then you should be willing to pay for a huge amount. The color of flowers also matters a lot, depending on the type of occasion, you can make your choice and go for less expensive ones to avoid paying a huge amount.